Al Hidayah 2013 Recap
Al Hidayah 2012 Recap

Al Hidayah 2013 Recap
Al Hidayah’s second retreat was held on August 22-25, 2013 at the Circle of Trees Retreat in Milford, PA and insha’Allah truly benefited those in attendance. Attendees got together for four days, and one exciting change from the previous year was that the entire facility was reserved for Al Hidayah attendees. This allowed for a truly spiritual atmosphere: adhaan could be heard throughout the main area announcing salaat time, attendees were able to be comfortable around other Muslims with diverse backgrounds but similar values and struggles, and the recreational facilities were reserved solely for Al Hidayah. The scholars, Sayyid Sulayman Hassan, Sheikh Hamza Sodagar, Sheikh Rizwan Arastu, and Alimah Sabika Mithani once again led breakout sessions, lectures, prayers, and duas. Alhamdulillah, the low scholar-to-attendee ratio allowed everyone to interact with the ulema, and gain from their knowledge and wisdom–including through the continuation of Al Hidayah’s one-on-one private counseling sessions. We are truly thankful to all those who attended our second retreat and look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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2013 Testimonials

“I thought by far this was a phenomenal retreat. It’s definitely an important step in the right direction and I hope it continues to grow and become better in the future. I have nothing but good thoughts about Al Hidayah and sincerely pray that you’re all rewarded for this effort and that it stays around for many years to come iA.”

“This really made me feel that my soul was being scrubbed clean in such an amazing spiritual environment.”

“Overall, this was a very blessed weekend for me. It provided a beautiful and spiritual setting for me to be removed from the noise of daily life allowing for an opportunity to hear my inner voice… This opportunity to self-reflect in peace with capable guides and a good community of brothers and sisters was invaluable.”

“I found the retreat very useful and I’m looking forward to more programs like this.”

Al Hidayah 2012 Recap
Al Hidayah’s first ever retreat was held on July 6-8, 2012 at Silver Bay, NY and was a great success. Attendees got together for three days of spiritual growth and discussion in a truly picturesque setting. The scholars, Sayyid Sulayman Hassan, Sheikh Hamza Sodagar, Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani, and Sheikh Salim Yusufali led a series of lectures, workshops, duas, and even private coaching sessions with the attendees. We pray that everyone benefitted from the 2012 retreat, and cannot wait to see everyone for 2013!


2012 Testimonials

“My experience was not only met, but everything exceeded what I had hoped it would be. All the lectures were inspiring, informative, and relevant. Additionally, being in such a beautiful location with amazing scholars and wonderful company was an immensely uplifting and spiritual experience. Having the retreat so close to Ramadan was an extra peak. Can’t wait for next year inshallah.”

“The retreat was so awesome! The concept and idea are so perfect and extremely necessary. It was a great prelude to the month of Ramadan. The selection of scholars was out of this world and really made the retreat a treat! The hard work and efforts of the organizers was clear throughout and very much appreciated. The topics of discussion and lecture were interesting and intriguing. I can’t wait for the next Al Hidayah Retreat!!! “

“I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to attend this retreat by the organizers and scholars. I strongly believe spending three days and nights with new Muslim friends will inshallah guide me to the better path, strengthen my Iman inshallah, and show me the way that I should be, because I am really lost in a dark situation and confused about what is right and wrong! I hope these kind of spiritual activities can be repeated in the many years ahead. God bless you all, Jazakamollah Khaireh.”