What makes Al Hidayah different from all the other conferences, camps, & retreats out there?

Al Hidayah is one of the only retreats that allows a small group of attendees the chance to interact with knowledgeable and engaging scholars in a picturesque and serene natural setting, and engage with topics that are relevant and thought-provoking for those in attendance.

When is the absolute last day to register?

The last day to register at the discounted $180 registration rate is July 15, 2014. After that date, registration will cost $250 until August 10, 2014, after which registration will be closed. There will be absolutely no on-site registrations on the day of the retreat (we are very serious about this and will not let anyone arrive at the site and register).

I would like to attend but do not have the funds needed for registration. Can I still apply?

Yes, please contact Al Hidayah if you are facing financial difficulties, and we will try to accommodate your needs. Our support is decided on a first-come, first-served basis, and on the level of demonstrated need.

What are the closest airports?

There are multiple airports located within driving range of the retreat:

  • Bishop International Airport (FNT) – 45 minutes
  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) – 1.5 hours

Will there be any shuttles provided from the airport?

There will be no shuttles coordinated by Al Hidayah, but the best way to get to the retreat is to carpool with friends who will be attending, or rent a car and drive up/down for the weekend.

How strict is the age cut-off?

The age range for registrants has been set at 18-35 years old, as that is the target demographic this retreat hopes to inspire. However, exceptions will be made to this general age limit on a case-by-case basis, and those both slightly older and slightly younger are still encouraged to apply.

Do I have to fill out the entire registration application?

Yes, you will not be admitted to the retreat unless all questions are completed thoroughly. By receiving your thorough answers, we will be better enabled to cater the retreat to the attendees.

Do I have to pay immediately after registering?

Your registration will not be complete until both the registration form is filled out and payment is made. As a result, registering without paying, or vice-versa, will prevent individuals from attending the retreat.

Will I be allowed to get a refund?

There will be no refunds. Exceptions will be made only in the case of an absolute (i.e. life-altering) emergency.

When does the retreat start? When does the retreat end?

The retreat will begin Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 4:00pm and will end Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 2:00pm.

What is the dress code?

Islamic dress will be required at all times.

Can families attend?

Families with children two and under may attend. Camp Taha’s facilities provide for cabins that are family-friendly where parents can sleep with their children. Unfortunately, however, there will be no child care services provided, as the focus of the retreat is geared towards young adults and young professionals. Parents will be required to make sure that their children do not disturb ongoing workshops and sessions and will be kindly asked to step out if any such disturbances take place.

What are the meal arrangements?

Halaal food will be served at the retreat. All meals will be provided, and are included in registration fee.

Can I volunteer at the retreat? If so, who do I contact?

If you would like to volunteer at the retreat, please e-mail us indicating your interest.

Do you provide special meals for those with allergies or other food sensitivities?

We will make sure there are meal options available for these situations. Please indicate your allergies and/or food sensitivities on the registration form.

Are there any group discounts available?

There are no specific group discounts. However, all those who register on or before July 15, 2013 will be given a discounted registration rate of $180.

Will an Islamic environment be provided?

Absolutely. Al Hidayah requires that all attendees interact based upon Islamic guidelines in hopes of deriving the most benefit from such a gathering. This includes Islamic restrictions as to gender interaction and general behavior.